The Law Office of Roger Seat LLC is a different type of law firm. I am a Loveland, Colorado attorney who operates a client focused law firm where the client’s goals and interest are of the utmost importance. I take a sincere interest in helping my clients and I build a relationship with each one of my clients. Because your goals and interests are so important to me, I make the following pledge to every person who becomes a client of the Law Office of Roger Seat LLC:

  • I will not accept more clients than I can give personal attention to;
  • I will take a personal interest in your case;
  • I will keep your legal costs as affordable as possible;
  • I will return your phone calls and emails;
  • I will listen to your concerns and your goals for me as your attorney;

In summary, solving problems is always easier when you work with an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case. At the Law Office of Roger Seat LLC we care about our clients. We invest the time necessary to help ensure our clients are satisfied with our efforts to protect their personal, professional, and family interests.

The Law Office of Roger Seat LLC practices in family law and employment law matters in Larimer County, Boulder County and Weld County. However, we also use our legal knowledge to help our clients resolve a variety of general civil matters such as, but not limited to, contracts, business formation, and landlord/tenant issues.


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