As a Loveland Fort Collins and Northern Colorado Employment law attorney, I know discrimination and other illegal employer actions in the workplace can be traumatic for those who experience it.  In the past, the doctrine of employment at will gave employers great discretion in determining workplace conditions.  The basis of this doctrine is that an employer could fire you or modify employment conditions at any time without violating any of your legal rights.

However, the doctrine of employment at will is not as absolute as it was in the past.  Numerous federal and state laws protect employees in the workplace and an employee may have a cause of action when their employer discriminates against them either through adverse employment action or harassment.  For example, state and federal laws now protect employees from discrimination and harassment based upon factors such as race, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability.  These same laws often protect employees who oppose discrimination in the workplace.

These laws are complex and Employment Law attorney Roger Seat has the knowledge to help you analyze the facts and circumstances unique to your situation.  Additionally, Roger Seat has the expertise to represent employees in negotiations with their employer.  To schedule a low cost initial consultation with an Employment Law attorney or to get more information call 970-663-9384 or complete the contact form on this website.