At the Law Office of Roger Seat LLC, Loveland attorney Roger Seat offers services that prevent future legal disputes and can assist you with legal disputes that have already arisen in your everyday life.  A few of the examples where civil matters may arise and the services of a lawyer may be valuable to you are:

contracts:  individuals are constantly asked to sign contracts and Roger Seat can help you know your rights before signing a contract or if a contract dispute should arise

wills and trusts are matters everyone should address for the sake of their loved ones and the cost is often very reasonable

real property law matters regarding real estate

local government’s regulating a private property owners  use of their property and other land use matters

debt collection from both a creditor and debtor standpoint

formation of businesses such as corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies

Without the advice and counsel of a knowledgeable attorney versed in Colorado civil matters, you risk losing certain valuable rights given to you by Colorado law.  For more information about civil matters please schedule a low cost initial consultation with a Loveland attorney by calling 970-663-9384 or fill out the contact form on this website.